First digital academy for kids & teens

TECH KIDS ACADEMY, the 1st digital academy for kids & teens, aims at enhancing their creativity and enabling them to unveil their digital talents.

In our creative computing workshops, children aged 7 to 17 learn IT in a fun way and become active with new technologies: coding, electronics, robotics, 3D design & printing, photo, video, animation etc.

Holiday camps and birthday parties are great opportunities for young people to share an extraordinary experience.

Coding, creating and innovating become as easy as child’s play!

  • As a genuine alternative solution on the after-school activities market and complementary to school, our offer is truly innovative and disruptive, and contributes to the digital transformation of our educational system which we believe is going to change the world of digital natives.
  • In partnership with Samsung, we launched the first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to teach code to kids: www.lecampusjunior.frfree online workshops, fun and educational contents in French, specifially designed for children by our experts and fully adapted for children aged 7-13.
  • The first digital academy, a unique spot dedicated to new technologies, in a New-York loft style, to meet in a friendly atmosphere: after-school activities all year long, mini-camps during the holidays and special nights & events